The launch of our new marketing agency, CreativeBuzz!


Creative Buzz was an in house design team based on the Isle of Man. We wanted to expand from doing internal projects to helping other local companies with their branding and design needs. Continue reading “The launch of our new marketing agency, CreativeBuzz!”

Advertisement for Je’s jeans

For my new university project I shall be doing it on clothing and making advertising more interactive for the user. Whilst on the interwebs I found this(below) Although it is quite old it is still relevant to my project. It is a creative way of advertising a fairly dull piece of clothing and I think it worked well. I hope you enjoy!


Samsung Mocks Apple in new ad campaign

Samsung has launched a great ad campaign that mocks the new Iphone 5. As we all know Apple’s Iphone is yesterdays technology at tomorrows prices. I love this video as it shows that the Iphone users do not know what they are actually buying. Take a look!

Intuitive, innovative, and stylish, the Galaxy S III is The Next Big Thing—and it’s already here. Learn more and join the community at

Polaroid Portfolio!

This is a great idea for a photography portfolio, I am tempted to do something similar to this without just stealing the whole thing. I love the idea that this is a polaroid in shape and that the images can be removed individually with a little information on the bottom.

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