My D&AD Award Certificate!

There has been good and bad news today. Bad news is that I was pulled into a freezing cold paddling pool that my friend had put in his conservatory and I had my mobile in my pocket causing it to break. Hopefully I will be able to fix it once it has dried out…

On the other hand I received my D&AD certificate today all that I need to do now is to go out and purchase a frame for it!

If you have not seen the project that won the award you can see it by clicking here There was a lot of hassle with this project because we had to work as a team and there was a lot of disagreements about who did what as a lot of the people that we worked with decided that we could not do the project in the allocated time and simply gave up.

I am still extremely happy about the award and these disagreements sometimes happen. When I have more time I shall tidy up the After effects that I used to do the video as some parts are still in the draft stage as I did most of the animating the day before the final deadline.

My Photo Manipulation

On my last post I said that I was going to create one of my own image manipulations after seeing the ones that others had done. The past 2 days I haven’t had to be at work so I have been on Photoshop creating a few of my own. It has taken a while, but here is how one of them is coming along so far. I will later post the stages/layers that this image has. I think that I could improve this by thinking more creatively. I am happy with how this personal project is coming along.

If you have any ideas of how this could be improved please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I shall take it into account.

This is how the bottle looked like before I started to edit it. 

My D&AD publication – ‘Best of Year’ award

I am proud to announce that Daniel Kinsella and myself have won the D&AD Best of year award.

The brief was to create an Annual report that presents a story of D&AD from 2011 that positions the organisation as an integral resource for the financial sector. D&AD’s tone of voice was informal and relaxed with a confident attitude.

We decided to use augmented reality with 3 posters that we created that had lots of statistics about the D&AD.

Here is the outcome

You can see the project on the D&AD website 

Teeth Whitening Logo

Today I had a quick brief set by a client to have a very simple logo using mostly text and very little images.
After a short while of logo designing  I came up with these 3 (he wanted the diamond to be in each one, so I created 2 diamonds to suit his needs, he also wanted me to use one that he found on google images and so I did as he pleased (although I did warn him that the image could be subject to copyrite and that it would probably not look very good) anyway

he didn’t like the look of the real diamond anyway so we he didn’t bother with it.

He chose Image number 1

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