Dropbox is great!

Dropbox is like an online USB stick, you can access it on any computer and even on your iphone/android for free! Combined with CamScanner for android you can make PDF’s using your camera on your phone and send it direct to your Dropbox.
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Graphic Websites for you to look at

Okay, so I have realised that I haven’t actually done many graphic related things whilst I have been on Summer ‘Holidays’ (just working pretty much all the time) so I decided to give you people a few websites that you could/should be looking at if you are a graphic person, I shall try and make them all in a lovely list so that you can have a look and have a nice easy time whilst I do the work…

Website Gallery’s –

Web gallery’s are great for ideas and you can also sometimes ‘borrow the code to make your website look all ‘snazzy, hip and groovy’ Take a look at some of  these, I would also advise signing up to them and maybe even submitting your own work. If I had enough time during the day I would attempt to make another website like one of these. I am in need of a lot of practice… maybe I should heed my own words…

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More info can be found by clicking on the picture

These are some of the basic parts of the anatomy of typographic characters. There are lots more (which you can find out about here on Fonts.com) but I think it is probably better to start with a few first.

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