Unleash Your Fingers!

I’m a little late with this video as they already released the Samsung Galaxy s3, however I use the phone and thought that this was a  great mograph video. The good stuff starts approx 40 seconds into the video. Enjoy!

Is God good? – Kinetic Type

Is God good?

I found this animation whilst looking for some Kinetic typography for my assignment. I had almost lost all hope in finding any good videos, but after a while of looking I found this one on Vimeo. Even though I do not believe in god (as there is no facts and all scientific research so far states otherwise) I found this animation visually pleasing and I love the style. It was created in Adobe After Effects CS5 by Zangomatic it is on YouTube as well if you would like to have a browse

Is God Good? from Prayson Daniel on Vimeo.

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