Saul Bass Google doodle homepage

As you might know its Saul Bass’ 93rd birthday today (08 May 2013), or it would be if he was still with us today. This is a short animation for the Google homepage created by David Brubeck. Continue reading “Saul Bass Google doodle homepage”

Unleash Your Fingers!

I’m a little late with this video as they already released the Samsung Galaxy s3, however I use the phone and thought that this was a  great mograph video. The good stuff starts approx 40 seconds into the video. Enjoy!

Is God good? – Kinetic Type

Is God good?

I found this animation whilst looking for some Kinetic typography for my assignment. I had almost lost all hope in finding any good videos, but after a while of looking I found this one on Vimeo. Even though I do not believe in god (as there is no facts and all scientific research so far states otherwise) I found this animation visually pleasing and I love the style. It was created in Adobe After Effects CS5 by Zangomatic it is on YouTube as well if you would like to have a browse

Is God Good? from Prayson Daniel on Vimeo.

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