Samsung Galaxy SII – Photography

I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I thought that I would do a slightly off topic post showing the Samsung Galaxy S2‘s great camera capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy s2 has a fantastic 8mp camera and I wanted just show you a few images that I have taken on it.
The following Images are taken just up from where I live on the sunny Isle of Man, Enjoy.
(Feel free to do what you wish with the images, but please put a link to my blog if you do, Thanks guys.)

P.s. Apple are no where near as good as Samsung… Fact.

Two great books to add to my collection!

Sorry for not posting anything lately my Dell laptop managed to almost kill itself and I did not feel like posting from my phone as you do not have the control that you do on a computer. Luckily I am a bit of a geek when it comes to computers and I managed to fix it after many hours gazing into a wheezing black lifeless laptop screen.
Anyway whilst my computer was on its death bed I purchased 2 books, one called “Little Black Font Book” and the other called “Logo Design Love” (I also bought a few non graphic design books such as Derren Brown tricks of the mind, and yes it is as amazing as it sounds…).

The Little Black Font book has a good handful of really nice fonts that you can purchase from HYPEFORTYPE although some of them are a bit pricey. I guess you get what you pay for!

My Favorite font/typeface I is called Aphrodite Slim as it is absolutely stunning. There are a few others such as Block Gothic that a great sans-serif font that I will purchase.

The other book is called Logo Design Love that I purchased on Amazon, I haven’t got around to reading this due to being at my summer job working like a slave. Having a quick look at this appears to show the basic way to create a logo to the clients needs and also  talks more about the ideas behind the logo design rather than just showing you a lot of images of logos. This book is not eye candy in the way that there are a lot of images, but it does look like it has a lot of information that could help you become a great designer.

All images were taken using my Samsung Galaxy S2

Angry birds – Birthday cake


This is a cake that my friend made for her friends birthday. I thought that it was pretty good as she made it by hand and worth a quick mention. It actually works as she put a catapult on it!

Polaroid Portfolio!

This is a great idea for a photography portfolio, I am tempted to do something similar to this without just stealing the whole thing. I love the idea that this is a polaroid in shape and that the images can be removed individually with a little information on the bottom.

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