My D&AD Award Certificate!

There has been good and bad news today. Bad news is that I was pulled into a freezing cold paddling pool that my friend had put in his conservatory and I had my mobile in my pocket causing it to break. Hopefully I will be able to fix it once it has dried out…

On the other hand I received my D&AD certificate today all that I need to do now is to go out and purchase a frame for it!

If you have not seen the project that won the award you can see it by clicking here There was a lot of hassle with this project because we had to work as a team and there was a lot of disagreements about who did what as a lot of the people that we worked with decided that we could not do the project in the allocated time and simply gave up.

I am still extremely happy about the award and these disagreements sometimes happen. When I have more time I shall tidy up the After effects that I used to do the video as some parts are still in the draft stage as I did most of the animating the day before the final deadline.

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