A seat made from hand-folded sheets of paper

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When it comes to product designing, Cecilie Manz is one of the best. Although lacking the reciognition from other high profile designers such asPatricia Urquiola or Hella Jongerius. Her work is top notch and her portfolio consists of many limited edition pieces like the seat made out of an intricate and elaborate folded sheets of paper. This art piece is called Lots of Paper with the entire structure based on a tessellated design. It can hold up to 66 pounds and takes approx. 2 days to complete.


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Wind Poster.

This is a very good idea indeed!

Major Masses

A university project I have been working on. The brief was to illustrate a series of lectures about wind. The wind I chose to illustrate was ‘Tai-Fung’, basically, the Chinese typhoon (a vicious, unpredictable wind). We had to portray the culture in our poster, hence the bamboo; the orangey hue due to the tropical nature of the wind. Any feedback would be brilliant, thank you!!

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Is God good? – Kinetic Type

Is God good?

I found this animation whilst looking for some Kinetic typography for my assignment. I had almost lost all hope in finding any good videos, but after a while of looking I found this one on Vimeo. Even though I do not believe in god (as there is no facts and all scientific research so far states otherwise) I found this animation visually pleasing and I love the style. It was created in Adobe After Effects CS5 by Zangomatic it is on YouTube as well if you would like to have a browse

Is God Good? from Prayson Daniel on Vimeo.

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