How to become more productive

When you sit at your desk ready to do your work you will more than likely try to do anything else to avoid it. I bet that you sit there and think “I shall just check my emails and Facebook before making a start” You more than likely have Facebook and/or your emails open as you read this. These things lead you to browse the web, and before you know it you have spent hours looking at useless crap online.

Have you ever had a deadline for the next day and you stay up all night and produce more than you thought was humanly possible? The human mind is fully capable of doing things like this, however it sometimes needs a push in the right direction in order to do it.

What if you could just sit down, do your work and then be free do do whatever you wanted for the rest of the day, week or month. Well you probably will find this pretty hard to do, but it is possible.You just need to identify time wasters.
Different people have different interests and things that distract them, these things include the internet, games and television. Even things such as washing the dishes suddenly becomes more exciting than getting down to work. You need to identify these before you can start to become more productive.

Social media websites
Some of these include

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Tumblr
• Youtube
• Digg
All these are insanely addictive and 1 minute can end up being a very long time.

Here are some simple tips to get some work done

1. Spend a maximum of 30 minutes on websites such as the ones mentioned above approx 6 minutes on each, this will quench your thirst for the social content you want without wasting too much time.

2. Stop watching TV, you will be amazed that the average person watches 26-28 hours of television a week! If you are to watch the TV you should only watch a few minutes a day, you should invest your time in doing something else. You only live once (as far as I am aware). Think about it, you could spend an hour watching tv and you could get the same amount of information in a few minutes on good news websites (don’t spend too long on them though). What shall you do with your extra time? You should be able to think of things yourself, but a few ideas could be, spending time with family or a loved one. You could even join a social club or learn something new.

3. Try to make a new contact everyday! If you are a graphic designer (or just someone in general) you should be looking at other peoples blogs, websites and maybe even going to exhibitions and talking to the creators. This will be very good for you in later life for jobs etc as you will be better connected and therefore will have a better advantage.

4. Stop eating Junk food! Do you feel tired quite a lot during the day? This could be due to a bad diet! You probably have heard this lots of times before, but its true, I tried it myself and I found it to help. You also feel happier and more confident, this in turn boosts your productivity.

5. Do more exercise  this is also very important to productivity, looking after yourself will increase your work load and also the quality of your work. Excersise actually releases natural endorphins that make you feel good. It also makes you more aware of the things around you, so get your lazy arse to the gym! No one is there to judge you so just go and have fun. Tip doing this with a friend is a lot easier as you can push each other to do more.

6. Get on with your work! Although the above things will help you to do your work, you also will have to put in the effort to do the actual grafting for yourself. Start early in the day or as soon as you get home, this way you wont be working through the night trying to rush it all.

Do all of these things for 2 weeks and you should see a massive increase in your work load.

This was written by Daniel White.
contains some information from here

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