Graphic Websites for you to look at

Okay, so I have realised that I haven’t actually done many graphic related things whilst I have been on Summer ‘Holidays’ (just working pretty much all the time) so I decided to give you people a few websites that you could/should be looking at if you are a graphic person, I shall try and make them all in a lovely list so that you can have a look and have a nice easy time whilst I do the work…

Website Gallery’s –

Web gallery’s are great for ideas and you can also sometimes ‘borrow the code to make your website look all ‘snazzy, hip and groovy’ Take a look at some of  these, I would also advise signing up to them and maybe even submitting your own work. If I had enough time during the day I would attempt to make another website like one of these. I am in need of a lot of practice… maybe I should heed my own words…

1. Best Web Gallery   – a good website showing a nice range of different web designs.

2. Css Mania – this website is very clean and tidy, well worth a look.

3. Css Drive – This site look a bit more busy that the Css mania, but it has the added feature where you can vote for your favourite website… nice.

4. Css Elite – This website is for the Elite!! Although the name might sound like something from a nerdy computer game, this website is actually pretty good.

Digital Design & More!!

We all know that things that have been altered on the computer are usually better than the original thing… unless you are a perfectionist and you get things 100% right first time. For the rest of us the computer is needed to give the image that little something that we all would like to the there, but might not always be able to achieve.
I advise you sign up to at least one of these websites so that you can become part of the community and share your work with the world.

1. Design Flavr  – as you can probably tell, someone thought lets have then they realised that someone took it. Anyway, this website is really good and covers things from abstract design, to typography and wallpapers.

2. U Creative  – this website would probably be one of the best ones to put your work on if you are just starting out in graphic design, because there doesn’t appear to be much skill in some of the photos and graphics that have been done on here. You might be able to use some of the work as inspiration for your work thought I suppose.

3. Fave up (Creattica) – this is a beautiful looking website that has lots of work in different areas. I would have a look at this one if I were you.

4. Logo Pond –  As you guessed it, they do logos! you can also join the forum on this site too and have a chat to some other people about graphics and shizz.

5. Design Snipps –  nice website about design things again, this has different categories too.

6. Behance – okay, by now all of the non graphic people have gone unless they are skim reading, then fuck you  skim readers, I typed this entire thing and you are just skim reading it. I have work tomorrow at 9 and its getting late. I’m doing this for you, go back and read again…. go on! Oh yea, and this website is good it even has jobs on it 😉

7. Carbonmade – this is great for displaying your own work and sending it to clients. You can upload some images free (I think its about 8) but then you have to pay for hosting etc. I would advise putting your best work on one of these if you don’t know how to make your own website, or if you don’t have the time.

8. DeviantART – if you don’t know this website then you are doomed as a designer! This website has thousands and thousands of users on it, you can always find good (and bad) things on this website. Its really easy to sign up too.

A little treat your you graphic designers

as this post is coming to an end, I thought that I would leave you with a really good website that allows anyone to participate in graphic design competitions to win lots of money (if you can design well enough) This will also give you a small understanding of the competition that everyone is under due to the massive amounts of designers out there.
The website is called CrowdSpring  Its really good, I would suggest that you sign up and participate. This is how it works

Client wants some designing done
Client pays CrowdSpring xxxx ammount of money
CrowdSpring puts up clients brief on the website.
You, the designer makes a lovely piece of work
If you’re chosen then you get the xxxx amount of money.
Everyone is happy.

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