I have been assigned a project at university to to with phobias. I chose the phobia called Chiraptophobia, this means to have a fear of being touched. The brief says that I have to create a magazine so I have had an idea of using braille for some parts of it. This is just a little video about Braille graffiti, its a little different than most videos.

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“ala is a studio for ILLUSTRATION,INTERFACE DESIGN and INTERACTION with big love for pixels, beziers and smart code, great passion for our work and curiosity about almost everything”

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This is just a little bit of surreal work that I just made using Photoshop. It wasn’t really for any reason, I just got a little bit bored.

Annoying things people do – Photography

Here are some things that I hate when people call themselves “photographers”

I personally am not a photographer, but when people buy an expensive camera and then say “I am now a photographer” it annoys me.

A list of things that annoy me about people that think they are photographers.

1. having one photo in colour, then having another in black and white (using photoshop or an editing program) Here is an example..

As you can see, the colour one looks pretty good, it has nice lighting and the colours are almost spot on. Then the ‘photographer’ thinks, “hang on, this would look amazing in black and white!” – NO! This photo just lost everything that made it look above average. Moving on…

2. When people put ‘© 2011 by XXXX XXXX’ You do not own copyrite on this image if you haven’t purchased the copyrite… and its even worse when it is on Facebook.

3. When people make their photos black and white and add an orange filter to them. This doesn’t make it look better, it just makes it look orange!

4. Sepia – If you think that photos such as this one look good, then please take a long walk off a short pier.
I found one that looks okay, but its using the Copyrite symbol at the bottom of the page in a strange font here .

I’m sure that there are more thing that I could complain about, but at the moment I can’t think of any.

Adham Dannaway

I just stumbled across this guy, I loved the front page!!!

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