Mac…. Windows …. Linux

Okay, so what one is better? I’m unsure, I actually hate Mac’s because every one that I have been on has turned out to be really crappy and slow and a lot of the people that own them are like “oh have you seen my Macbook? it cant get viruses unlike your windows based computer…. FUCK YOU MAC USERS. Firstly the only reason that Mac had little know Malware is because the Mac industry was too small for the hackers and virus creators to bother with, now that they are becoming more popular, the Malware for Mac has increased and most Mac users don’t know this and they don’t actually have Anti Virus software… Mac users beware!
Also why is the right click disabled by default….

Windows computers are really good for the free software, but usually there is only a trial period and then the companies make you pay for stuff (unless some smart person somewhere makes a crack/keygen for it…  but even then, you can get told off for that kinda stuff). The Windows computers are usually very fast for the price that they are, and you can do everything that A mac can do (pretty much).

Linux, I just started to use this the other day, at the moment I’m using Ubuntu Linux and its going really well at present. The start up time is super fast, you have can have 4 screens going at 1 time, such as now I have a media player in 1 window and youtube and a cool chat system in other, its a really nice function to have.
Linux is also really customizable allowing the user to create his/her own shortcuts to stuff and things. One drawback that I find is that I have to keep switching to my windows machine because of the lack of design software on Linux.

As a conclusion
Mac sucks ass for everything except design work.
Windows is amazing.
Linux is pretty damn good but can be confusing.

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