Ebayer rants about his girlfriend

Okay, we all know Ebay as being a place of selling bits and pieces that you no longer need or want when we need more money for crack or other essentials (I was joking about the crack…) anyway, this guy seems to be a little bit upset about his girlfriend cheating on him. I particularly like the questions about the watch and his enthusiastic responses to them. Please bear in mind that he is a respected Ebayer with 400+ good feedbacks.

I dont think that the auction will last very long, but if you would like to have a look yourself you can see it here

For some reason, I cant upload pictures to anywhere on the internet (apart from facebook), and it is becoming rather annoying… and so this is why the quality is pretty poor

Okay, I cant keep up with the prices, but you get the idea, as I typed this, the price increased to £301,811.00. I wish I could have that much money :/. These are actual bidders too, you can see by the feedback on the left hand side

Now its at £991,000.00 ….


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