I found this today whilst browsing the interwebs. His name is Adolfo Correa, he is a very tallented graphic designer and I love his style of work. You can see more of his work here Or you can have a look at his website HERE

Here is a sample of his work


More info can be found by clicking on the picture

These are some of the basic parts of the anatomy of typographic characters. There are lots more (which you can find out about here on Fonts.com) but I think it is probably better to start with a few first.

AVG fan artwork

I thought that I would share this because its pretty cool for AVG, it was created by a AVG security fan. I thought it was worth a mention.

Teeth Whitening Logo

Today I had a quick brief set by a client to have a very simple logo using mostly text and very little images.
After a short while of logo designing  I came up with these 3 (he wanted the diamond to be in each one, so I created 2 diamonds to suit his needs, he also wanted me to use one that he found on google images and so I did as he pleased (although I did warn him that the image could be subject to copyrite and that it would probably not look very good) anyway

he didn’t like the look of the real diamond anyway so we he didn’t bother with it.

He chose Image number 1

Illustration fail

I thought it was time to wipe the cobwebs from this blog and make another post!
I was mid way through doing some illustration work on adobe illustrator and I left my laptop to play over night and it instaled updates and restarted. I stupidly forgot to save my work before the restart  so I lost it all, I shall retry to make another piece like it and post it on here at a later date!

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