Box project

Before I finished the first year of university, I was given a brief to do work on a given word, and then I had to do illustrations on that given word. My word was ‘box’ and so I made a few things made out of cardboard and cut out with a scalpel.

P.s. Yes my room was a bit of a mess, but I live with it fine.

Kyren Simkiss

I have a friend called Kyren Simkiss who is an upcoming graphic designer/animator at university. He likes to draw in a very distinctive style and he also likes to be very creative when it comes to simple things.
Here are a selection of postcards that he has drawn

More can be found by clicking here

For you to chew on

Before I was funneled into the “simple is better” way of designing, I was pretty inspired by a french designer called Ilias Sounas. He is a French designer who is using very fresh methods to create good quality work. I often look at his website to see what he has been doing.
I would put some screenshots of the pages that he has, however I cant because my computer is playing up at the moment, its probably a virus or something like that… Ahh well.

The below image is one of his pieces of work.

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